Lost and Found

Have your ever noticed how when you lose something and try to find it you discover the last thing you lost rather than the current item.
Example: Saturday morning I needed my blue dress shoes to wear to the National Speakers Association meeting. They weren’t on the floor of my closet where they belong. Instead of spending the time to search for them, I changed from my blue skirt to my black one, got my black heels from their correct location and went to the meeting.
Tonight I needed the entries to a jr. high writing contest that I had judged so I can mail them tomorrow. I couldn’t find them on my desk. The last time I remembered having them was at the beauty salon. Was the packet in the car? No, but my blue dress shoes peaked out from a nook in the back of the Saturn.
I looked harder, wiggling to reach under the seat and found my lost address book. Two great finds, but not the one currently on my mind.
Often I give up at this point, happy to have found what I needed days ago. But this time I persisted. I checked my desk again, and discovered the contest entries hidden under the sweater I need to return. Now if I could find the receipt…
I’m exposing myself as one who loses things, but I also find things.
There is a point to all of this, but I lost it along the way. Maybe I’ll find it when I lose something else.