I love birthdays. It is my day to celebrate, but I’m not the only one with this birthday.
My friend, Sally Harris, and I were born on the same day at Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh. Our mothers shared a room, being first time moms of daughters, laughter and lifelong friendship. Sally and I had birthday parties together as we grew up.
When Sally and her family moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico, Sally and I saved our pennies, put them together and bought an airline ticket for me to fly there. It took us over a year to save the money. I went for three weeks when we were fourteen. We had an amazing time riding horses, playing tennis, swimming and being creative. Sally is one of the friends who helped my imagination grow. She is artistic and fascinating. We wrote letters to each other through most of our childhood.
After that trip we saved again and pooled our money to fly her to Pittsburgh. I loved sharing my life with her.
I’m getting the urge to start saving my pennies again.

Happy Birthday, Sally! I’m so glad we’ve been friends our whole lives.

I also collect names of other people with a March 24th birthday. Happy Birthday to Larissa Houk, Chaz Dumbaugh, and Smitty Boros!